Confidentiality Policy of TLK Games.

This licence agreement (Personal Information) aims to state our commitments regarding the respect for your privacy and your personal information. It stipulates our practices in matters of information gathering and transmission of your personal information. TLK Games is owner of the site TLK Games, accessible through the address, as well as all other sites, products or services used by it or on its behalf. The present agreement (Personal Information), regulates your use of TLK Games services. The act of consulting the site TLK Games and/or all other TLK Games services implies your explicit acceptance, without reservation, of all the practices set out in the present agreement concerning Personal Information.

For the purposes of the present agreement, the term "affiliate" will designate any entity controlling or controlled by TLK Games, or placed under joint control with TLK Games.


All personal information that you give us in the context of TLK Games services, particularly including the site TLK Games, will be kept in total security and confidentiality. We will never disclose your information to any third party, with the exception of those specifically certified to manage the security in online transactions.


Your membership with a service will result in the collection of the following information:

  • Last name, first name, user name, email address, postal address, telephone number, country.

IP Address

When a user consults a site run by TLK Games, or a site on its behalf, especially including the site TLK Games, we collect the IP address requesting connection to one of our sites. This address is collected with the aim of allowing us to restrict access to those users who violate the Conditions of Service.

Information disclosed in the context of membership or the carrying out of investigations:

All information given to us in the context of your use of TLK Games sites (with the exception of references to your credit card) will be saved at the moment of their entry.


The funcion of cookies is to allow us to improve your online experience. Cookies are small pieces of data sent out by a site to your computer in which they get stored. The cookies are used through your web browser solely by the sites that create them. The information stored in a TLK Games cookie is only accessible from a TLK Games site. The personal information stored in our cookies is strictly limited to your identification. This information allows us to identify you automatically when you log in to a TLK Games site. The information stored in our cookies is kept in total security and confidentiality.


Your identification, user name, email address and password will be used exclusively to identify you as a user of a TLK Games site. We may divulge your user name or identification for the purposes of classifications, contests or posting the best game scores.

All other personal information collected at the moment you sign up as a member, or that you have voluntarily disclosed to us (for instance in the event of an inquiry) can be used for the purposes of establishing statistics or to allow us to address commercial messages targeted to your browser.


The information collected is stored in one or more of our database servers and is secure and inaccessible from outside our network. Outside of our network, the information is exclusively accessible from TLK Games sites. Within our sites, access to personal information is entirely controlled by means of the email addresses and passwords provided by the users themselves. In the context of our confidentiality policy, the security of personal information is assured by restricting the disclosure of identifications and passwords to those people specifically responsible for the management of databases. All employees of TLK Games are contractually bound to total confidentiality, prohibiting them from divulging company information to any third party. We have thereby provided adequate measures to insure the confidentiality of your personal information.


When you sign up as a member of one of our TLK Games sites, or when you download a software program from a TLK Games site, the default option authorizes us to send to you, by way of email, any updates or new items relating to games, special offers or particular events. You have the option of reversing this default option when you sign up, which means that we will not keep you informed of events or contests that might be of financial interest to you. All messages that we send you will contain the option of unsubscribing, allowing you to decline any subsequent messages. The offers are made on an individual basis to each user. Therefore, in the event that you are receiving offers from more than one TLK Games site and wish to change your decision, you must manually unsubscribe on each TLK Games site concerned.


The web browser or client application that you use to access TLK Games sites may pass on certain geographical data to us concerning the capacities or functions of your computer or your software. We can also trace other types of information such as the games played, the duration of a membership with TLK Games sites or other individual programs or services, the date of the last login on a TLK Games site and if the user has won any of our games. We may use this information for statistical purposes relating to the community of users, aspects connected with security, and we may pass these statistics on to our advertisers or strategical partners.


The information that you disclose to TLK Games allows us to inform you of new applications, improvements, corrections of errors that we make to the sites, to deal with your questions and requests concerning them, and to inform you of all opportunities, contests or particular events. TLK Games will be likely to use this information jointly with other parties with the same ends.


It is important for you to know that the advertisers or sites referenced on a TLK Games are likely to collect some personal information related to you. The present agreement does not control any of the activities of these advertisers or sites. We hire outside agents to manage the commercial advertising on TLK Games sites. These agents may use information related to your visits to any TLK Games site in order to send targeted advertisements to the users (this information does not include your name, addresses, email addresses or telephone number).


TLK Games may use your personal information in the context of creating marketing campaigns by letter or email or for the purposes of analysis and/or storage of them. We may disclose your personal information in certain cases, such as in the event of your violation of the Conditions of Service or if we have reasonable cause to believe that the law requires it.


TLK Games sites may create spaces in which users are allowed to communicate amongst themselves. When you post a message, it is important for you to realize that information divulged in this manner will be publicly accessible in an online environment. The information posted in this fashion, of which TLK Games will have no prior viewing, will be the sole responsibility of the user, and will in any case be subject to the stipulations of the Conditions of Service, extending in particular to the provisions applicable to online content and behaviour.

Do you have any questions concerning the use of your personal information?

Any questions that you may have concerning the use we make of your personal information, or any exercise of your right to opposition, access or correction of personal information related to you can be addressed to TLK Games - 69, rue de Lyon - 75012 Paris - France


The act of using any TLK Games site, products or services of TLK Games implies your explicit and prior acceptance of the present agreement of Personal Information, as well as of the Conditions of Service.