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Your questions concerning your purchase.

Recommendations for downloading or purchasing a game.
  1. Verify the required configuration of the chosen game and make sure that it will work on your computer.
  2. Download the trial version and test it before deciding to make a purchase.
  3. Make sure that you have a valid email address in order to receive the payment confirmation.
  4. Make sure that your inbox is not filtering out the messages confirming your order. You can add our address to your contact list.
What are our methods of payment?

Our main methods of payment are the following: PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Aurore, Cofinoga or Privilege, 4 stars.

How do I purchase a game?

Here are the step-by-step instructions for purchasing a game:

  1. the list of our games and test one of them by clicking on the Download option for the game of your choice.
  2. Save the game on your computer and install it.
  3. Once you have decided to purchase the complete version, go to the page where you downloaded it initially.
  4. Click on the Buy now option to add it to your basket.
  5. Click on Continue.
  6. You will be asked to create an account if you don't already have one. If you do, then type in your user name.
  7. Log in and click on Continue.
  8. The PayPal page will come up asking you to log in. Log in if you have a PayPal account already, or make the payment by credit card by clicking on Continue.
  9. Enter your bank details and press the Verify option.
  10. Press the Place an orderoption .

Your game is now available on your account for you to download

What is the trial version?

The trial version is a simplified version of a game certain applications of which are absent or are limited in time. The payment of the licence enables one to unblock these applications or obtain the complete version of the game.

When can I expect to receive my game?

The time between the purchase of a game and its delivery is normally instantaneous. In some cases, the clearing of your credit card payment can take a few hours at most.

My game is not working on my computer; How can I be reimbursed?

First we will try to solve the problem. If the problem persists then we will exchange your game or reimburse you within 30 days of your purchase.

The reimbursement applies only to orders places on our website

My right of retraction; How can I be reimbursed?

The purchase of a downloadable item is decisive and definitive and cannot be reimbursed nor is subject to any right of retraction.

The service is deemed final the moment you click on the download option of a purchased product.

We urge you to download the trial version and test it before deciding to purchase an item.

I have purchased a game but I still have not received the confirmation of my order; is this normal?

First make sure that the confirmation was not copied in a spam folder of your inbox. Then, if you still have not received the email within 24 hours, please contact our customer service team.

I accidentally purchased the same game twice. What should I do?

Please contact our customer service team, and we will reimburse the extra copy.

Questions concerning your game.

Warning regarding the risk of epilepsy and precautions to take when using a video game.

Decree 96-360 of 23 April, 1996 relating to the warnings about the use of video games. Certain persons are susceptible to epileptic seizures or loss of consciousness when exposed to certain types of flashing lights and imagery, or to elements frequently occurring in our daily environment. These persons are exposing themselves to seizures when watching certain televised images or when they play certain video games. These phenomena can occur even if a person does not have a medical history of epilepsy or has not been confronted with such an attack before. If you have already exhibited symptoms related to epilepsy (seizures or loss of consciousness) when exposed to certain types of light, please consult your doctor before any use of the video game. In any case, please respect the following guidelines when using a video game:

  1. Avoid playing if you are tired or lacking sleep.
  2. Make sure you are playing in a well-lit room.
  3. During the course of playing, make sure you take breaks of ten to fifteen minutes every hour.
I am encountering graphic problems after I install my game.

Your graphic card driver may be outdated. Due to the great number of manufacturers and graphic card drivers, we do not have the possibility of making exhaustive tests. We urge you to install the latest graphic card driver on your computer if you encounter graphic problems.

For people who have Windows98 or XP, make sure you have the latest version of DirectX. If this is not the case, an update is required.

My game is working too slowly, or the images are slow to appear. What can I do?

Some of our games have a 3D function which serves to improve the graphic quality and may slow down your game if your graphic card does not have a 3D acceleration function. To find out if your card has the capability of accelerating 3D graphics, follow the instructions below:

  1. Click on the Start option on the bottom left-hand corner, then on Run. A window will appear...
  2. Type in Dxdiag in this window and then on Ok.
  3. The diagnostic tool DirectX will open.
  4. Click on the tab View1, then on the option Test Direct3D
  5. Make sure that all the tests are completed successfully.

If the test is not conclusive, ask your manufacturer if your graphic card has a 3D graphic acceleration function. The model of your video card and the manufacturer's name are located in DxDiag on the tab View 1.

To find the address of the manufacturer's website, type in the name of the manufacturer of your video card in your search engine and download the latest version of your graphic card driver.

I purchased my game but it's stuck in trial version. What can I do?

You must uninstall the shareware or demo version that is still in your computer system. Follow these step-by-step instructions to uninstall a game:

  1. Click on the Start option, then on Parameters.
  2. Click on the icon Add/Remove Programs and find the game from this list that you wish to uninstall.
  3. Click once on the game, then on the option Remove.

When you purchase a game, we provide you with the game by way of your TLK Games account.
From this moment on, you can launch the installation of the final version that you have just downloaded onto your account, then launch the game itself.

How do I uninstall a TLK Game?

Follow these step-by-step instructions to uninstall a game:

  1. Click on the Start option, then on Parameters.
  2. Click on the icon Add/Remove Programs and find the game from this list that you wish to uninstall.
  3. Click once on the game, then on the option Remove.

Questions concerning your account:

Why create an TLK Games account?

Your TLK Games account will allow you to:

  1. Have access to your purchasing history.
  2. To have a saved record of your purchased games and your bills.
  3. To keep you informed of the latest updates and new items.
  4. To enjoy special offers reserved for members only.
How do I create a TLK Games account?

Follow these instructions:

  1. Click on the tab My Account or on the link Create an account.
  2. Type in your username(pseudonym)
  3. Type in your password (at least 8 characters or numbers required).
  4. Retype your password.
  5. Type in your email address.
  6. Click on Create an account.
  7. A message of confirmation has been sent to you email address.
  8. Open the email and click on the activation link.

If you do not receive an email, make sure it has not been filed in your spam folder.

I am a returning customer; How can I get my game back?

Click on the tab My Account then on Forgot your password?? Type in your email address to receive your access details by email.

Is my personal information safe?

We urge you to read our Confidentiality policy.

How can I get my password back?

To get your password back, click on the tab My Account, then on Forgot your password??

Type in your email address to receive your password by email

I did not get my access information, what should I do?

To receive your access information by email, type in your email address on the Log in and then on the option Forgot your password? If there is no account corresponding to this address:
Make sure that you have correctly typed in your email address.
Make sure that the message was not filed in a spam folder.

If you still have not received an email in 24 hours, please contact our customer service team.

I changed my email address, how do I update my TLK Games account?

Follow these instructions in order to change the email address associated with your account:

  1. Click on the option My Account and log in to you account.
  2. On your personal page, click on Information on your account..
  3. On the line Your email address, replace the email address with your new address.
  4. Click on the option Click on the option.
I don't have access to my email inbox or I can't remember my old address; How do I get my game back?

Contact the TLK Games customer service, indicating your last name, first name, the products you've ordered and any other information that can help us in finding your old account, like a proof of purchase for instance. You will receive an email confirming your access details. (This procedure can take longer, generally over 72 hours). If you cannot remember your old email address at the time of a past purchase, send us a copy of your personal identification by email.