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Founded in 1990 in the south-west of France (Albi) by a group of passionate video games and computer lovers, TLK GAMES is a company a little different to most. After opening an office in Paris, the company and its collaborators resolved to dedicate themselves exclusively to their principal activity: working out of pleasure, all the while creating games that are simple, fun and user-friendly.

Quality and innovation are the cornerstones of our company and we have never hesitated in creating our own tools for the development of our games which we have continued to improve upon for the pleasure of the players themselves as well as for their creators. We have built up a catalog of over 300 games to date (the majority in 3D).

We are always working on one project or another, but to be able to produce a new video game which offers both quality and a reasonable price, we have had to invent new ways of working and marketing our products. The majority of our employees telecommute and sometimes work closely with clients. A company like New Computer Technologies which is expected to function smoothly, is also a company in which employees are able to work with passion and enthusiasm.

The games are sold directly on the internet with the aid of SHAREWARE. What is shareware? Each client is allowed to test the game at their leisure and asked to make a small contribution of a few Euros for each game. In this way we are assisted in covering production costs, and finally the client receives the licenced version of the game upon its completion.

We are firmly convinced that our games possess a profound commercial potential, and are already being distributed in numerous countries. This is the main reason that our company continues to seek out potential partners, editors and distributors now more than ever, in order to harness our efforts in furthering the technical and general development of our product.